Business consulting and coaching

For founders, leaders and entrepreneurs

At She Makes a Difference we give you effective, actionable advice based on firsthand experience.

Our principal consultant Lysa, has years of experience as both a CEO and an entrepreneurial Founder, from start-up through to full exit. Offering you the insight and perspective of fresh eyes, with the intuitive understanding of someone who's met with all the same challenges before.

She draws from an ocean of knowledge throughout our wider team, cherry-picking project skills and expertise to deliver the impactful, targeted support your business needs.

What we do

Business consulting and coaching for Founders, leaders and entrepreneurs

Business Consulting

Whether you want to maximise the value of your business, or garner fresh insight into an ongoing challenge, our expertise in leader/founder-managed SMEs is second to none.

We work closely with Founders, C-suites and Senior Leadership Teams, offering solutions across the full spectrum of your business, and delivering significant, lasting change with every project.

Business Coaching

We coach Founders and leaders in achieving business vision and operational clarity, working with you to align your own performance and personal growth to that of the business.

Whether you need some targeted support in a specific area of your operation, or some expert advice from an experienced third party, we'll help you take your business from where it is today, to where you want to be.

Personal Coaching

Lysa brings impactful personal coaching to a safe space, offering you knowledge, perspective and guidance based on her own history of learnings as a leader.

Grounded in a proven methodology and framework, Lysa's Mastercoach programme gives you time and space to explore who you are, working collaboratively with you to create a clear life plan, and ultimately lighting the way to a more fulfilled, balanced, happy life.

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